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Should I Get a Gun to Defend Myself or Learn Self-defense Techniques?

By April 14, 2022blog

Many people have this misconception that if they have a gun, they will defend themselves. However, it is not advisable or wise for anyone to just go out there and start flashing a gun to protect themselves. Guns are often presented as the equalizer, but in reality, guns can provoke more unintentional injury, accidents, and most importantly, unnecessary deaths than random car accidents.

Guns kill more people and children in a single day. Many research studies have indicated that anyone is most likely to use a firearm in the home against a family member or any individual known to the gun owner over petty issues, frustration, or anger.

Having a gun can make you feel powerful, and then you would start to think that you have the means to end a life. There have been many debates on using firearms as an effective self-defense tool, but there has been a little argument and logical reasoning to support their effectiveness. Using guns can spark and ignite more violence unintentionally.

Owning and operating a gun should never be taken lightly, and if you are a person who is looking for a shortcut for self-protection, and are not sure about investing valuable time in self-defense training, then having a gun as a self-defense tool is certainly not for you. There are no short-cuts to self-protection. It would help if you felt motivated and determined to learn how to protect yourself, and guns are not a risk-free solution.

Getting Self-defense Training

Many self-defense training classes are far better than using a gun for self-defense. Taking self-defense classes can boost your self-morale and confidence, and you would start to believe in yourself and realize that you don’t need a gun for self-defense. You just need your willpower and good self-defense classes to learn a few self-defense tricks. There are also self-defense training classes for women that provide basic self-defense workshops, theories, and practice situations.

You can learn and train yourself how to protect yourself against a stranger. These self-defense classes include working with highly trained padded attackers, instructors, and personal security awareness training seminars, which would teach you to defend yourself in any situation. There can be adapted classes for persons with disabilities as well.

Learning the Philosophy behind Self-defense Classes

There are many philosophies regarding learning and training in self-defense classes. People believe that you can make your life safer by taking self-defense classes. Participating in such self-defense classes encourages you to think about developing your options and choices. It also helps build your awareness and assertiveness skills and provides you with self-defense techniques. Any good self-defense class will enable you to expand your thinking about violence prevention and help you deal with your fears to feel more empowered in your life. Ideally, any good self-defense class should reflect on such philosophical key aspects:

  • Women in any condition or circumstance do not ask to cause, invite or deserve to be assaulted. Women and men can sometimes exercise poor judgment about their behavior towards each other. However, that does not make them responsible for the attack
  • Any decision that a woman makes in her self-defense situation, her decision to survive in the best possible way must be respected at all costs. Self-defense classes should not be used as a judgment against a victim or a survivor
  • Any good self-defense class or program does not tell an individual what he or she should do or should not do. Self-defense classes offer various options, techniques, and ways to analyze situations, including a full range of strategy-building. A good self-defense class would first teach you to explore the situation in your mind and then think of the best possible way to protect yourself. A self-defense class can also point out what usually works best in the most vulnerable situations of rape or assault. However, each situation is unique, and the final decision always rests with the person who is confronted with the situation.

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Dr. Jim Bentley a martial arts instructor. He is also the author of WING CHUN The Evolutionary Science of Self-Defense, Combat, and Human Performance. In addition, Dr. Bentley has written many blogs on the importance of self-defense techniques, tactical efficiency, principles of Wing Chun, and how they could be used in the face of danger. Dr. Bentley also provides certification programs through his website As a doctor, he provides care for many legendary martial artists and current MMA fighters like Erik Paulson, Curtis Millender, and Pearl Gonzalez. With his acclaimed healing methods, and martial arts curriculums he wants to spread his message to the people that the science, art, and philosophy of martial arts is truly a way of life. To learn more about Dr. Bentley please visit

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