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Why is it Necessary for Women to Take Self-Defense Classes

By April 14, 2022blog

Given the potential benefits of self-defense training for women, it is crucial to understand how women train themselves to take self-defense classes. It is also essential to explore the reasons why women take self-defense classes. Is it because of some friend’s recommendations, visions of the ‘possible selves that they could become, or the fear of violence against them?


These are some of the reasons why any woman can get motivated enough to take up self-defense classes. For most frequently reported reasons, having experienced a past assault is most cited as a reason for enrolling in self-defense classes.


Many women who have never enrolled in a self-defense class have also considered doing so. However, there are barriers to learn self-defense classes, such as time, money, and the availability of courses, which can be the reasons for not enrolling.


Self-defense training can be a powerful source of empowerment for women. Women who complete a comprehensive, feminist self-defense class have reported having increased self-confidence, reduced fear, more comfortable interactions with strangers, have positive acquaintances and intimates, and have more positive inspirational feelings about themselves and their bodies. They also start to have a general sense of self-worth and empowerment. Self-defense training also helps to reduce the incidence of sexual assault by assisting women in defending themselves by avoiding assault and increasing the effectiveness of their responses if attacked. For survivors of sexual assault, self-defense training can be particularly healing and empowering for women. It helps to increase the sense of control and decreases fear, anxiety, and distress.


How Women Can Take Self-Defense Classes

How do women come to take self-defense classes, and why do some women choose not to do so? Given the positive benefits of self-defense training, it is crucial to understand those factors that lead women to enroll themselves in self-defense classes. It is also essential that women engage in such kinds of empowering activities more generally.


It is incredibly necessary to know and acknowledge women’s decisions for enrolling in self-defense classes, as some assume, imply and state explicitly that most women enroll in self-defense training because of past experiences of fear of future violence or having faced domestic violence. Research has shown that most self-defense training women have been physically or sexually abused in their lifetime.


Self-defense training classes can teach these women o to be more assertive and defend themselves against more violent attacks properly. More violent attacks may also lead survivors to enroll in post-assault training, especially when their resistance is less effective. Survivors of such attacks may enroll themselves in self-defense training to exercise control over future assaults and as a way of healing from sexual assault.


Some had even experienced sexual assault when they were in their early childhood. Without self-defense or assertive training, women can be left vulnerable to attackers who might decide to prey upon them.


Being Strong and More Independent

Some women have even said that they want to be trained in self-defense classes because they are tired of being afraid all of the time. Other essential reasons also include going away to attend college or to an unknown location, where they might need to defend themselves or had been victimized in the past. Some women are just curious or may fear the crime to make themselves enroll in self-defense classes. Some women even think that they are less self-confident and need to defend themselves against any attack. Learning self-defensive techniques is more than just having a physically toned body.


Self-Defense Classes

Self-defense classes have several essential features that may distinguish them from non-feminist classes. These self-defensive classes can also be offered through police departments, martial arts studios, military or gyms) in several important ways. These classes are generally limited to women students and focus on violence against women, particularly sexual assault. They even teach physical self-defense techniques, which are especially suited for women’s bodies. They can execute them successfully without hurting themselves, using their lower body rather than their upper-body strength.


These techniques are easy for them to learn and can be flawlessly managed through practice and rapid learning. These self-defensive classes have exceptional instructors who focus on developing such options appropriate for various situations, from sexual harassment to rape and involving acquaintances, intimates, or strangers. However, most importantly, these classes include a critical assessment of gender socialization and how it facilitates violence against women. They also encourage assaultive behaviors in perpetrators and by creating fear, immobility, and self-blame in targets.


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Dr. Jim Bentley is a martial arts instructor. He is also the author of WING CHUN The Evolutionary Science of Self-Defense, Combat, and Human Performance. In addition, Dr. Bentley has written many blogs on the importance of self-defense techniques, tactical efficiency, principles of Wing Chun, and how they could be used in the face of danger. Dr. Bentley also provides certification programs through his website As a doctor, he provides care for many legendary martial artists and current MMA fighters like Erik Paulson, Curtis Millender, and Pearl Gonzalez. With his acclaimed healing methods, and martial arts curriculums he wants to spread his message to the people that the science, art, and philosophy of martial arts is truly a way of life. To learn more about Dr. Bentley please visit


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