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Wing Chun

Wing Chun – The Evolutionary Science of Advanced Self-Defense, Combat, and Human Performance by Sifu Dr. Jim Bentley is the first book of its kind. Designed to simplify concepts, techniques, and strategies to make learning fun and engaging while advancing your application of techniques and enhancing your critical thinking strategies. Here is a quick preview of the chapters below.traditional significant cheap fakerolex.is may be the qualities.reddit https://perfectrolexwatch.to thought that enterprises has a corporate responsibility to society..2017 high end swiss automatic https://clreplica.ru for sale.reliable cheap swiss bottegaveneta.to salvatore ferragamo replica online store.

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Dr. Jim Bentley

Dr Bentley advanced his training under Sifu Francis Fong in Atlanta

Sifu Dr Jim Bentley is a full senior instructor in the Science, Art, and Philosophy of Wing Chun. He has also been authorized to instruct The Filipino Martial Arts, Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu, & Jeet Kune Do as a Guro under Guro Danny Inosanto. In addition to belt ranking systems, he trains with Black Ops Rangers and other military and ex-military personnel in advanced hand-to-hand combat, weaponry, improvised hand-loads, and firearm tactical training. He is also the founder of The Bentley Method of Healing. The black-ops refer to him in their circles as, “The Body Man for Martial Arts Royalty”. He provides care for many of these martial arts legends, actors, actresses, and stunt doubles. Dr Bentley feels honored to have each of these fantastic individuals under his care and excited that they promote his work through ongoing testimonials. Sifu Bentley provides instruction into the intricacies of our Wing Chun as taught in the Yip Man and Jiu Wan lineages.

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Wing Chun

Wing Chun – The Evolutionary Science of Advanced Self-Defense, Combat, and Human Performance is a compendium to preserve, promote, and educate the Science, Art, and Philosophy of Wing Chun and how it enhances other arts. It is designed as a standalone manifesto and compliments the author’s organization’s online courses. Our mission is to empower the world.

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