Wing Chun

Within this book, you will find something of value for each person from all walks of life, from the novice to the most advanced and intellectual fighter or strategist. It will be a great resource to reference, and as you develop, you will re-read this book through new eyes. This is how martial arts or mastery in anything works. Dr Bentley will revisit specific topics throughout this work. Knowing you will see it through new eyes when presented under a new context. This helps anchor the concept and create repetition, which is the mother of all skills. You will find, in this book, the author teaches on a conceptual level. As the saying goes, one concept will make 100 techniques true. The book will explore the concepts of being ‘reactive’ vs ‘responding with intelligent design’ to making an action ‘ineffective’ vs ‘effective.’
Dr Bentley’s life goal is to seek out and to learn from the greatest master of healing and the greatest masters of combat and bring the beauty of their knowledge to share with others. Dr Bentley worked with many masters in the healing world, so much so that recently he learned that the Black Ops Rangers he trained concerning Dr Bentley as “The Body Man for Martial Arts Royalty” in their internal circles. After years of training with these legends in martial arts, black ops, military, ex-military, law enforcement, and self-defence experts, pro-MMA, and Muay Thai fighters, it’s time to present their wisdom now to the world.
Dr Bentley first started writing this book with the sole purpose of preserving this beautiful knowledge that he gained from these living legends, lest they become lost to the antiquity of time. It’s rather astonishing how much you can miss by not taking notes, not diligently training, and not understanding the magnitude that this current lesson holds, not just at this moment but later as your skill and aptitude grow. The mastery is found in many components. It includes the breakdown of the motion, the intention of application, the timing in which the technique is applied, and understanding the concept that makes this technique accurate and makes countless others true in many realms of life, not just in martial arts.

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Wing Chun

Wing Chun – The Evolutionary Science of Advanced Self-Defense, Combat, and Human Performance is a compendium to preserve, promote, and educate the Science, Art, and Philosophy of Wing Chun and how it enhances other arts. It is designed as a standalone manifesto and compliments the author’s organization’s online courses. Our mission is to empower the world.

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