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Learning How to Fight Back when it is Necessary

By April 14, 2022blog

Learning to fight back or knowing how to fight back can be understood as self-defense. However, self-defense is more than just knowing how to fight back and becomes essential when an individual has to fight back again in a physical attack. Participation in self-defense classes can encourage and motivate you to think in different terms of options and choices of combat.


It also helps you develop your awareness and assertiveness skills and practice physical self-defense techniques. Any good self-defense class will expand upon the way you think about violence prevention. It will motivate and help you deal with your fears and make you feel more assertive and empowered in life or any dangerous situation. However, there are many different programs of self-defense. You need to know which ones can best equip you to respond proactively or even avoid an attack.


Learning and Knowing about Self-Defense

Self-defense is an art, a set of awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety measures, strategies, and most importantly, physical techniques that can enable a person to prevent successfully, escape, resist and survive violent assaults.


Any good self-defense course can provide psychological awareness and verbal skills to anyone and not just physical training. Self-defense training can help you increase your safety options and prepare specific sudden responses to avoid, slow down, de-escalate or interrupt an attack. It also empowers one to prevent any violence or physical assault.


It is essential to know that self-defense strategies and skills can help you deal with the potential violence and threats from acquaintances and intimates and not only strangers. Women usually can never know of their attackers. They could be masked, so any person who is training to learn self-defense techniques must know how to deal with physical assault or violence, which can even come from someone you know.


Guaranteeing Safety

When it comes to physical assaults or attacks, there can be no guarantees for your self-protection. However, that does not mean that you cannot learn self-defense techniques or be able to safely protect yourself. You need to be aware of the advertising hype or exaggerated claims of success from marketers of guns, alarms, devices, and self-defense training programs. You need to be a smart consumer and find yourself a good self-defense training program.


A self-defense training program will increase your choices and options and make you prepared and committed to helping develop a wide range of self-defense strategies. Self-defense strategies such as neutralizing your attacker, quickly reacting if you are grabbed from behind, and promptly escaping by hitting your attacker and making him vulnerable to you.


Learning to Defend Yourself

A basic self-defense course can offer you enough defense techniques, concepts, and skills to help you develop self-protection strategies so that you can continue to build upon them. Self-defense training is not karate or martial arts, although some of the techniques are derived from them. However, the skills and techniques of martial arts and karate takes years to perfect. Self-defense training and techniques do not require years to perfect.


However, practice is essential, and investing time to review and perfect your self-defense skills can build confidence in yourself and increase your abilities. The key is to make a sincere commitment to participate in your safety and do what is necessary to reduce the risk of being raped, beaten up, or even killed. Self-defense training can most certainly help you become empowered to act rather than to be acted upon.


Using Devices as Self-defense Aids

Using self-defense devices as aids can be useless if you don’t understand how to use them, and even if you are ready to use them at the time of the attempted assault. Although these devices can offer some temporary aid, nothing is guaranteed about any of these devices, such as pepper spray or other self-defense aids. None of them can be guaranteed to be foolproof, and none of them can be counted on to work against possible attackers.


You need to realize that anything you can use against an attacker can also be used against you. While some self-defense devices can be helpful in some situations, it is best not to depend upon them as you need to be well aware of their limitations.


Author bio

Dr. Jim Bentley is a martial arts instructor. He is also the author of WING CHUN The Evolutionary Science of Self-Defense, Combat, and Human Performance. In addition, Dr. Bentley has written many blogs on the importance of self-defense techniques, tactical efficiency, principles of Wing Chun, and how they could be used in the face of danger. Dr. Bentley also provides certification programs through his website As a doctor, he provides care for many legendary martial artists and current MMA fighters like Erik Paulson, Curtis Millender, and Pearl Gonzalez. With his acclaimed healing methods, and martial arts curriculums he wants to spread his message to the people that the science, art, and philosophy of martial arts is truly a way of life. To learn more about Dr. Bentley please visit


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