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By now, every individual is aware that bullying can be present everywhere and occur. This form of aggression can happen at schools, workplaces, and online, too. The biggest concern is that every individual needs to know how to defend or put an end to a bullying habit in a person.

The horrendous art of bullying first began to take place regularly in schools and universities. It started by one person but then it gradually escalated to be a group activity. That is where things went from bad to worse as this act in schools was imitated in adult workplaces. It is sad to see such immaturity happening nowadays.

Bullying at a workplace occurs because of job insecurity, role conflicts, and workload. The latest research shows that having a negative mindset at a workplace is inviting a bully to take advantage of it. Considering workplace bullying, psychological and physical symptoms occur. Things like chronic neck pain, headaches, diabetes, anxiety, and sleep problems are just to name a few. As it is mentioned above, having a negative mind also becomes dangerous to the person and a treat for the bully. The reason is that the negative thinking people become more aggressive or already suffer from mental health issues to give an aggressive behavior.

There is a desperate call for experts to do more research on finding a full proof solution to deal with bullying at workplaces. Because whether they do it on a small scale or big scale, whether it targets the personality of the individual or the features of the working environment, bullying needs to stop.

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