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Safety is one factor that is missing as the year pass. There are a lot of problems that are threatening and affecting the lives of every citizen of Western countries. What’s worse is that there is nothing being done to stop it even for a brief period.

Being safe is not just restricted to physical safety but also online safety. Social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are constantly being hacked and people don’t even know about it. It is through these hackers that others get affected by being bullied and harassed from time to time. The question is if you will stop it, then what exactly can you do.

The first step that you must take is to keep calm at all costs. Keeping calm has always been a great way to tackle a problem, especially for others. And after you establish a calm mindset, you need to reflect on what is really going with the person being bullied. Having the clarity of the issue will always benefit you for the later steps. After you get all the information about the victim, it is time to process it. In this processing step, you can find out the root of the problem and who caused it. Once you do that, you can talk to them about the solution you have in mind. These steps need to be done in such a way that both parties, the victim and the offender, are not getting any wrong ideas from you.

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